Maisy & Rosie

Meet Maisy & Rosie, sisters. Not that you would know it to look at them! I had seen a picture of Maisy previously, and had wanted to photograph her for a while - I have a thing about Red Heads. And curls. The fact that when I arrived and saw how cute as a button Rosie was, was just an added bonus. This shoot was so fun. Just sisters playing on a warm summers evening in the long grass. Lots of smiles, lots of flowers and lots of twirling.


Rosie & Maisy-3.jpg

Rosie & Maisy-2.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-1.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-12.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-13.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-11.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-8.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-7.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-6.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-10.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-9.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-5.jpg
Rosie & Maisy-4.jpg

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