Welcome to Acorns & Thimbles

Welcome to Acorns & Thimbles!

Firstly thank you sooo much for stopping by our website and taking the time to read our blog.

What started off as a mere re-brand of our old business has turned into much more - a complete rethink of the business and what we want to offer our clients in terms of sessions and products, and not to mention a shiny new name!

So why Acorns & Thimbles?

Emma says ' I never really felt one way or another about my old business name. I'm a very passionate person and it surprised me how little I felt about the name of my business. I simply needed to choose something to get started and my name and childhood nickname seemed a good place to start. I think it has taken me these last few years to really develop my style of photography so now I really wanted a name to reflect that. I also want to concentrate the direction of the business to newborn portraiture and family photography and felt the name should be inspired by that. I'm not saying that I will never shoot a wedding again. But it certainly wont be the focus of the business anymore. My husband will also be working with me from now on along side his work with Barnardos Childrens Charity, so it wasn't really fair to have the business named after me anymore for our new venture! We went for a lovely family drive one day and the name 'Acorns & Thimbles' was born. We are both huge Peter Pan fans, especially Robin who reads it from cover to cover and then starts again! We even have Peter Pan tattoos! What better place for a name to come from than a book about the magic of childhood. For those who have not read the book or perhaps can't remember it in detail, Peter doesn't know what a kiss is, so gives Wendy an acorn, and in return Wendy gives Peter a thimble'

It always amazed us that the author J.M.Barrie donated all the proceeds from his book to Great Ormonde Street Childrens Hospital. So in the spirit of this, we have decided also to make a small donation from every session fee we receive.

We thank everyone for their support up until now and sincerelly hope that you all follow us in our new direction and hope that you love the work we will be doing as much as us!

Many thanks, Emma & Robin x

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