What if my baby won't sleep!?

It may take a while, but usually even the most stubborn of babies will sleep after a couple of hours. This is why we always ask you to allow four hours for a newborn session. We have only ever had to re-schedule one newborn session in the last three years ... and we got him good the second time round!


There are usually so many pretty things in your newborn photo sets? Do I have to find/bring these?

No! We have a huge stash of beautiful things to put babies on, under or in! Plus, Emmy is constantly shopping for more to add to it    ...'can I put a baby in that?' is a question she finds herself asking regularly and has become a bit of a joke between us. Many of the clothes worn in our studio sessions are from our own selection, so don't worry if you feel you have nothing to wear!


How many photos will my online gallery have?

It is hard to give an exact amount, especially with newborns and little ones who don't always want to co-operate. But we have a standard that we aim for. We'd like to achieve a minimum of 20 fantastic photos (including parent and sibling shots)


When do I get to see the photos!?

We try to have a 'sneak peek' up on our Facebook Page (with your permission) the next day as a little teaser of what is to come! We aim to have a gallery finished in two weeks for your viewing appointment with us.


Can I print my own photos if I purchase my gallery on USB?

We provide you with a print release so that you may print your photos wherever you like but the copyright remains with us. We also have strong recommendations for which labs to use should you require advice on this. 


What if I ever lose my photos?

We keep all client sessions for one year, but after this time we cannot guarantee we will still have your images.