What is custom photography?

Custom photographers strive to create unique art with each session that is customized to what their clients want. The aim is to work with clients to create something beautiful and special that will be a treasured family item. We offer a certain style and brand which is then tailored to meet our clients expectations.


Why can it cost more?

We take time and pride over every session, sourcing props, locations and discussing with you what you want to achieve from your session. We don't have a 'one backdrop fits all' attitude and are always open to suggestions and ideas of new ways to be creative! We allow far more hours aside for post processing and each photo you will receive will be individually edited and hand retouched by us in the digital dark room. You are paying for the photographers time and expertise and their care and attention to detail. As with anything, cost is directly related to perceived value. If you value good photography and want important moments in your life captured beautifully, then custom photography will without a doubt be a good investment for you.


Will you travel for a session?

It depends on the type of session. For Maternity, Little Ones or Together sessions we are more than happy to shoot outside on location if this is what you would prefer. Natural light is beautiful and autumn tones and summer sunsets make for a beautiful backdrop! We will travel within reason. Usually we say anywhere within Cornwall. For newborn sessions we may ask that you come to us.


I'm pregnant and I want to book a maternity session. When should I do this?

You can book in anytime during your pregnancy but we usually encourage people to book from their 20 week scan just to make sure we have sessions available. We aim for the session itself to take place anytime between 35-37 weeks. Just incase there's an early arrival!


When should I book for a newborn session?

To get those peaceful, dreamy shots we really need baby to sleep. Obviously babies have their own agenda and sometimes have other ideas, especially in new surroundings! In order to give us the best possible chance of getting them in a deep sleep so that they are really posable and easy to curl up, it is best that they are between 1-3 weeks of age. Their skin is much clearer in these first weeks too. Yes, after three children of our own, we realise this is asking a lot at a time you may be very sleep-deprived, with the whole world and his friend wanting to visit for newborn baby squishes! Just remember though .... the photos will last a lifetime and the memory of lack of sleep will fade through those rose-tinted glasses! Please don't leave it to the last minute after having your baby to book as we may have to turn you away, and even if we do have space, getting those beautiful dreamy shots will be much harder. It is best to make contact towards the end of your pregnancy.