A little about us....

A very warm welcome to Acorns & Thimbles!

Home of award winning photographer, specialising in children's portraiture.

I am so pleased you are here and am thrilled and honoured you are considering me as your photographer.

Being chosen to capture some of the most important events and moments in peoples lives is such a privilege, and the feeling of someone choosing me to be their photographer never gets old. 


It is so important for getting those natural photos that you really connect with the person behind the lens, allowing you to feel completely comfortable with them. As I ask you to bare your soul to my camera, it seems only fair that you should know a little about me! 

As you are here, I am hoping that you appreciate custom photography and you are looking for something a little bit different from the mass produced portraits so many studios offer. I aim to make every photo a breathtakingly beautiful work of art! A family piece that will be treasured for years to come, a piece you wish to have in the heart of your home. I'm a perfectionist by nature and care greatly about my clients' photos just as I care greatly about my own. I don't take myself too seriously when working and have such a lot of fun on my sessions. I love meeting people and getting to know them and their story. Often clients choose me again and again and the absolute best part of my job is the beautiful families I get to meet and watching their journey.


If you think I am the photographers for you I'd love to chat. Drop me a line and I look forward to working with you soon!


Emmy x


I'm Emmy. As well as being a photographer, I am a wife and mother. Wife to my childhood sweetheart whom I've been crazy in love with and inseparable from since meeting at school, and mother to our three kind, clever, affection, funny (and sometimes a little rambunctious!) children.

Two boys and a girl. It's fair to say my children are my life (......and also my reason of an average of 4 hours sleep a night!). 

 Photography allows me to be the mother I want to be and work around my children and our crazy family life! I say work, but really it is my absolute passion and it doesn't feel like work in the slightest! I can't imagine ever doing anything else and I feel so lucky that I get to do something I love and call it my job. I'm as passionate about it now as when I first started out, perhaps even more so, and the expressions of joy and kind words of my clients when they first see their photos often leaves me a little lumpy in the throat region!

When I first became a photographer many moons ago, I wanted to photograph ALL the things! After having children of my own and realising just how quickly children grow and change (yes, all the cliches are true), I realised that photographing children and capturing the magic of childhood.is what I was meant to be focusing on, and since I made that decision my photography has come alive. You can see my love for what I do in my work.

.Capturing little moments of fun, happiness, innocence, curiosity, adventure and love is what makes my heart happy.

 I adore children. I love their curiosity and sense of adventure, their cheekiness, their eagerness to play, their abilty to make friends and accept new people so easily, their readiness to forgive, their strong moral compass, how easily they can see when they are wrong and say sorry, how they are figuring everything out and have so many questions all of the time, how their little bodies are filled with so many big emotions, and most of all, how full of love they are. 

When not behind the lens I'm usually spending time with my family. I love the outdoors, walking, running, yoga, netball, kayaking, camping, exploring, nature, candles, fairy lights, the stars, a good book, cozying up in the winter, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sand beneath my feet in the summer, the sun on my skin, It's the simple things in life that seem to make me the happiest.